Out of the Darkness

I've signed myself up to lead a group from Hope, representing our Young Disciples Ministry, to join the Treasure Valley Out of the Darkness Walk for suicide prevention occurring this October. If you would be interested in supporting me toward my fundraising goal, feel free to visit the link below. If you are in the… Continue reading Out of the Darkness


The Creation Story

I am a huge fan of Godly Play. I love the language choices that simplify the story without dumbing it down and leave room for wonder, questions, and imagination. One of the things I've been enjoying lately is re-imagining how the stories can be told in new, engaging ways. The Creation Story is a very… Continue reading The Creation Story

I called my dad (mostly) every day for a month and here’s what happened

About a month before my dad's birthday, I got this weird idea that I should call him every day. This was a difficult challenge for me. I've gotten used to letting him call me when he misses me, or I'd just wait until I had something to talk about or randomly thought to call them.… Continue reading I called my dad (mostly) every day for a month and here’s what happened