The Great Bell Chant

Wow. This gave me chills. Take some time, grab some headphones, and immerse yourself in the imagery and sound offered here. I also encourage you to challenge yourself. Rather than focus on ways this is not your tradition or faith language, focus on ways this intersects with your tradition and faith language. Where is God… Continue reading The Great Bell Chant



Lemonade Lemonade Lemonade Have you been there? Have you tasted it? Woman the woman has Love Pain Fear Heat Crushing lemons to living water. Drink and never thirst again.

Why I Love the Wilderness

“The desert is a dangerous place. Nobody goes there unless they really have to…” These are the words that begin countless Godly Play stories. These stories share the history of God’s people, where they came from, where they went, and most importantly how God met them wherever they were, guided them, protected them, and gave… Continue reading Why I Love the Wilderness

The Miracle of Forgiveness

I have always considered myself a forgiving person. I grew up in a Lutheran household with a Lutheran Pastor as my father. We regularly discussed grace, the Trinity, and all sorts of theological ideas. Even with this foundation, the personal experience of grace and forgiveness remains indescribably life changing. I experienced one such definitive moment… Continue reading The Miracle of Forgiveness